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Pensacola Computer Help is a website designed to help the average computer user diagnose and fix common problems, and to learn how to do things in Windows - Be sure to read our new Blog for the latest in Computer Help information, tips, and advice..

Fear Not, All is not lost!

Computers and the Internet are supposed to help people, and make things easier. Sometimes however things do not go the way they should. Blue screens of death, pop-ups telling you your computer is infected, pop-ups with advertising that you wish you'd never seen. Computers that slow to a crawl right when you need them most. But fear not, sometimes the fix is quite easy, all it takes is a little time and access to the right information.

Click Click - it's usually as easy as that

  • You sit at your computer, trying to figure out how to do something - for hours. Then, your 6 year old comes up to the computer, grabs the mouse, click, click and boom they do in a second what you have been trying to figure out all day - it just isn't fair.

Help is Here

Computers are meant to help us, to make things easier, but sometimes they can be confusing. Pensacola Computer Help offers tips and tricks to help use and troubleshoot your computer. Many times, people end up paying outrageous amounts of money to a computer repair place for something they could have done themselves. Of course there are times when you need the expertise of a computer pro, but you can also help by taking the troubleshooting steps to narrow down what might be causing problems.

On this site you will find helpful information, links to good Windows utilities, and friendly computer advice. When you do need a computer pro, check out Pensacola Computers, offering the best help and service in the Pensacola Florida area - advice is always free!



These guys look happy, they think they are going back to work, but when they get there, they will find that there computers don't work - and why? Because their company thought it would be better to spend money on advertising than on the computers that their employees use to make them money!